Get To Know Us!

Hello Friends! In an effort for you to see who we really are, We asked our team to describe themselves using just 5 words. Let’s see what they said…

“Creative, enthusiastic, proactive, genuine, empathetic.”

Audra Hildenbrand (Chief Events Officer)

“Sassy, bold, shark, ambitious, loyal.”

Sandra DeMaria (Chief Sales Officer)

“Methodical, musical, dog lover, intuitive, dancer, studious.”

Teresa Robinson (Chief Marketing Technology Officer)

“Caring, artistic, creative, philosophical, optimistic.”

Scott Markowitz (Chief Media Director)

“#‎thebombdotcom‬, loving, hyper, perceptive, determined.”

Victoria Font (Director of Social Media)

We hope that gives you a little more insight on how epic our diverse team is! Don’t forget to like and share our future posts!