PR/Reputation Management

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Public Relations

Public Relations is the space that exists between the client, a brand, and the consumer. It is continuous feedback where a message is created, styled in the identity of the brand, and delivered to the public. It’s all about relationship management, combining the art of psychology and the science of business. iCubed Agency helps our clients clearly define their brand, messaging, and audience. With a clear messaging strategy, our clients avoid scattered and ineffective communications – saving time and money.

Media Relations

Media. Machine. Master!

Turn on a television; open an internet browser; pick up a newspaper or glossy magazine;  turn on a radio or crank up a podcast; talk to your colleagues at the water cooler; and you will find that the media is our mouthpiece – for worse or better. The American media is king. From human interest stories to headline news, we are all tuned-in. Find your space in modern media – stand up and stand out. Our team of subject matter experts, from public relations to technology, will guide your hand as you select how to best protect and promote your precious message. Use the iCubed brain trust to master the media machine!

Reputation Management

Mind the gap.

Your reputation is at the very core of your organization’s success. Ask yourself, would you have dealings with a vendor who has a reputation for being unscrupulous – even if it meant paying less? In times past, you would talk to your neighbors and friends to find out whom you should trust. Now, you use your internet browser to learn about a product or service, read reviews, and even make romance decisions. Your reputation is gold, so why not build your own Fort Knox to protect it?

Mind the reputation gap, or the space that exists between how an organization views itself, and how the public views the organization. Using the iCubed Agency’s brain trust, you can navigate your presence – across the media spectrum. From managing negative online reviews to promoting your organization’s mission and vision, iCubed Agency is the best asset in your Public Relations arsenal.