Antonio ‘Tony’ Scruggs


Tony Scruggs

Excellence Off The Field

Recruited by MIT (Academically) and Ucla (Athletically), Tony Scruggs is a throw-back and a Catch-Forward. A Renaissance Man and a Paradigm Shifter all at the same time.

His Leading With Compassion journey began at Montessori when he was Four years old, and Nolan Ryan, John Wooden & Gandhi’s Grandson Arun have personally added their Leading With Compassion skills to his empathic walkabout.

Tony (The Empathy Guy) Scruggs created the PlayGround for Peace known as the <a href=”“>Empathy Institute</a> and he speaks on Compassion at Home, in the Classroom, in Society and in the Workplace. If your team would benefit from resolving conflict more effectively, saying “no” more Compassionately and improved physical, mental & spiritual harmony, Tony’s your Man.

What do you get when you bring in the author of “Excellence Off The Field?” Someone who has expertise in empathy, race, justice, bias & nonbullying. Someone who believes in Team-Humanity and wants to Educate, Inspire and Empower people. Someone who believes in you as much as he believes in himself, and wants to Influence & Impact your bottom line (figuratively & literally). Someone who can show you how to hit Home Runs, on and off the field.

Combining his life experiences with his Psychology degree from Ucla, Tony’s message is that Love, Compassion & Empathy is a doable possibility, and he has exclusive tools that will benefit you & your team. Are you ready to Be The Change you wish to see in the world? Are you ready to give yourself a gift? Are you ready for Comedy, Compassion, Empathy & Excellence? Then let’s do this Leading With Compassion style 😉