Ed Gideon Speaker

Edward Gideon, Jr.

Breakthroughs for Success

In his early career experiences he was involved in industries and businesses that experienced dramatically changing environments. From the U.S. Army’s migration to an all-volunteer Army, to consulting with banks and S&L’s as they addressed legislated deregulation, to owning/operating a textile firm with NAFTA’s legislated changes. These experiences were integral in shaping him into the specialist for Change Management, Transition & Succession Planning he is today. Today’s transitioning executives seek his guidance as they age toward retirement. He speaks based on the specific, but common, actions taken in each industry and relates them to today’s business owners and executives. At some point in our careers we must engage in significant, even challenging adjustments for our business. Whether the change is legislated, migrated into, or created, Ed delivers the action steps to ensure success. Ed’s speaking engages the audience, he delivers with humor and relevance, and uses stories to set the message. He is a member of the Program Advisory Council for South University, Greensboro, NC and is an approved Vistage International Speaker.

Ed recently addressed 400 members of the North Carolina Assn. of Health Underwriters, those most affected by the regulated actions of the Affordable Care Act (Obama care). He is a frequent speaker and college lecturer. Ed is also a frequent guest on the Sirius/XM (#142) radio production: A Matter Of Your Health: The 30 Minute Health Magazine.