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Lauren Marie Galley is a 20-year-old award winning teen mentor, TEDx Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, actress/model and President of Girls Above Society, a non-profit 501 (c3) organization dedicated to empowering tween and teen girls to be confident while maintaining positive morals and values as they face the tough pressures of today’s media driven society.

Lauren travels throughout the U.S. as a popular voice speaking at schools, universities, corporations and organizations on the topics of body image, leadership skills, self-confidence and “Girl Power”. Her signature “GIRL TALK” program is designed to empower and inspire girls by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating self respect, which in turn empowers them to create change in their world and become their very own superhero. Lauren is a contributor to Huffington Post and can also been seen featured in her very own columns titled TEEN TAKE and ASK TEENA in Houston Family Magazine. Lauren’s TEDx Talk titled #TextMe – The Elimination of Human Interaction gives a powerful look at the effect modern technology has on the shaping of the communication of today’s youth. Lauren’s Ambassadorship with Secret Deodorant’s Mean Stinks Campaign in conjunction with Teen Vogue has given her a powerful platform to continue empowering girls to end the girl-on-girl bullying for good.

Lauren’s first book “Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide” reached #1 on Amazon in 2014. Making good decisions as well as maintaining positive morals and values can be a challenge as girls are tugged in
many directions from media such as television, media print, and celebrities. Lauren gives young girls a guide to live by as they grow into  young adults. Her latest book titled “Kissing Frogs: In Search of Prince
Charming” with Tate Publishing shares Lauren’s journey in the ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys of what the average girl experiences in the game of dating and stresses the importance of loving
and being yourself; letting people know the real you so that you’ll never have to live up to the expectations of someone you’re not. She outlines the quality traits that mark the difference between frogs and princes and puts girls in the best position to achieve dating euphoria.

Lauren lives in Texas where she attends Sam Houston State University studying Psychology and is proud to be the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Delta Pi. Her latest scholastic honors ~ Student Excellence Award for
Service 2013 and 2014 and Rising Leader of Alpha Delta Pi, 2015.