Speaker and Trainer Representation

The speakers we represent are the heart of our organization!

We have teamed up with some exceptional, forward-thinking individuals who are changing the world one audience at a time.  Here are some of the services we offer to our speakers.

  • Personal iCubed Speaker Page

  • Any speaker represented by iCubed Agency is featured on our Speaker portfolio page with an individual page featuring a head shot, a biography, a video and “about you” phrases.
    We are now offering upgraded service packages for our contracted speakers:
    VIP Plus!

  • Matching Speakers With Conferences

  • iCubed Agency is all about conferences! We inform our speakers about upcoming conferences and speaking opportunities. If it’s a good fit, we manage the negotiation and contractual phase for them.

  • Planning Conferences for Speakers

  • Do you already have a conference or workshop idea? Bring it to us.  We will plan it from A–Z then help you market it to get “butts in the seats.”

    *Disclaimer: We need a minimum notice of 75 days to plan and market a conference or workshop.

  • Speaker Invitational

  • At various times during the year, we will offer Speaker Invitational events. At these special invitationals, you will be able to get raw footage with professional lighting and sound that can be used for your speaker reel, headshots on sight, practice in front of a live audience and try out your material.  Because everything can be done at once in one location, participation in a speaker invitational will save you money.

  • Book Mentoring

  • Short Book: $Email Us        Long Book: $Email Us

    As a speaker or trainer, your book is your “business card”.  It should be a key component of your marketing. It screams “accomplished” and “credible” to people reviewing you as a potential speaker.  We’ll help you get the book you need written in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Speaker Marketing Package

  • Speaker Marketing Package  $Email Us as a package or a la carte pricing below.

    $Email Us   Headshot

    $Email Us Video Speaker Reel    (includes studio time and post-production of the video)

    $Email Us    Speaker sales page  (proven templates)   CTA:  Email us for more info on speaker

    $Email Us    Online Speaker page (on iCubed website)

    Total value:  $4000+

    Conferences, corporations, and organizations seeking presenters for their events have come to expect a professional marketing package for the speaker they want to review.  Without a professional speaker marketing package that clearly represents you, you’ll never be able to ask for the money you deserve as a speaker.  We offer a savings when you purchase our entire speaker marketing package but if you don’t have quite enough cash to do the whole package, we can get you going with all the pieces one by one as you can afford them.

  • iCubed Agency Academy Membership Platform

  • Specifically for iCubed speakers and trainers to offer their courses and workshops ($75/lesson upload plus $25 monthly maintenance + commission per sale)

    Do you have course content that you want to sell as an online course but don’t know how to do it?  We can facilitate that for you on our iCubed Agency Academy.   As a speaker or trainer, we can offer you access to our platform where we can sell your course for you.  We will take a small commission as any affiliate partner would do but we’ll manage the entire process for you.

  • Personalized Content Membership Site Creation

  • A membership platform for iCubed speakers and trainers to offer their courses and workshops that is JUST FOR THEM – THEIR CONTENT ONLY.  ($Email us for pricing)

    Do you have a lot of course content that is your own?  You have the option of using the iCubed Agency Academy platform or we can create a membership site of your very own with nothing but your own content.

  • Additional Access Services

  • International Affiliate Membership Platform

    Through one of our iCubed Agency partners, you have the option of including your content and courses on a membership platform that is marketed internationally.  Affiliates can select your products (physical or digital) from this platform to sell on your behalf.   There are affiliate commissions involved but again, you don’t have to lift a finger to have other people sell your products for you.


    List-Building Assistance Service

    Anyone selling digital products needs to understand that the money comes with having a an email marketing “list.”   There is a science and an art to successfully building a list.  Through our strategic partner, you can acquire a profitable list easily.


    Book to Digital Product Service

    If you already have a book, our partner can turn your book into a digital product with ease.


    Facebook ad management

    Have you ever run a Facebook ad on your own?  There is a lot involved and there is an art to doing it successfully.  Our partner is an expert in Facebook advertising.  They can help you spend your money wisely and efficiently and help you run an extremely successful Facebook ad campaign.