VIP Plus! Speaker Package

VIP Plus! Speaker Package

includes:  Dedicated Speaker Liaison assigned to you who dedicates 4 hours per week to calling, emailing, building relationships and following up with conferences and associations on your behalf.  You will receive a weekly report of progress, feedback, conversation summaries and potential engagements.

Why Hire Our Speaker Liaisons?

We have specifically trained them in how to research, communicate with and sell “you” to conferences, associations, and organizations looking for speakers.  They know what questions to ask and how to follow up.  They have access to our iCubed Agency continuously growing database of contacts, application deadline dates and other information for conferences all over the country.  We are developing the relationships that will lead to speaker engagements for you, our client. Speaker Liaisons will save you tons of time in phone calls, emails, and conversations. iCubed Agency will then negotiate contracts and arrangements on your behalf much more diligently than you will for yourself.  The outcome is more contracts and better compensation packages.

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VIP Plus Service for 3 months
VIP Plus Service for 6 months