Why you should partner with iCubed Agency

Why you should partner with iCubed Agency

Several reasons why you should partner with iCubed Agency

Q&A with our  Chief Media Officer, Scott Markowitz

We recently asked our Chief Media Officer, the amazingly talented Scott Markowitz, to answer a few questions about iCubed Agency.  We are certain you’ll enjoy his colorful answers!   (By the way, his originality alone is one reason why you should partner with iCubed Agency.)

Scott Markowitz,  Chief Media Officer at iCubed Agency Raleigh NC

Scott Markowitz, Chief Media Officer at iCubed Agency

Why Should I partner with iCubed Agency? 

iCubed Agency is uniquely positioned to point the talents of several creative business hotshots onto your specific needs as an up-and-coming speaker.  It’s like having your own giant anime-style robot shooting laser guided rockets at your problems and obliterating them in a satisfying ball of diesel-fueled bang bang!

How do you, Scott, help set iCubed apart from your competitors?

There is no other agency that has the vast amount of experience in Broadcast Television, Visual Effects, high-end Corporate Video, and big corporate Public Relations that I bring to the table.  There is no video production challenge that scares me.  With my background, I know what needs to be done, and I can figure out a way to do it better, faster, and for less money.

If I were to book a speaker/event, where would I start?

First, forget about hiring a “celebrity speaker.”  Yeah, you may get lucky and get a performance like Jim Carey’s MUM commencement speech.  Most likely, you’ll instead get Jason Alexander’s obtuse comparison of Jack Links beef jerky to Bullwinkle Moose.  Amusing.  Entertaining.  Probably very exciting in the moment, but not what I would consider useful, actionable, or anywhere approaching long-term impact.

Instead, go to the iCubed Agency Speakers page. There, you’ll find people that have meaningful, actionable, and relevant things to say.  They’ll feed your mind, nurture your soul, and blow up old thoughts that are keeping you stuck.  You’re the smart one looking to get unstuck.

Together, you and our speakers will change the world.  The real world, that is.  Not some celebrity’s narcissistic-personality disorder bent-up and red-only M&M world.

(We said Scott was original, didn’t we?)    To learn more about Scott, go to the About Us page and click on Scott’s tab.